Aid Station Introduction

Introducing a unique mid-ride aid station featuring the delicious seasonal food of Hokkaido!

< Available to both short course (60 km) and long course (100 km) riders  >
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*Sponsored Michi-no-Eki
Makkari is a village rich in nature, and blessed by Mt. Yotei’s bounty. The town has abundant spring water and a cool climate which nurtures the local crops and people. Makkari’s specialty is their lily root, which have been in cultivation for over 60 years and have risen to fame as having the best quality in Japan.
The “Michi-no-Eki Makkarifurawasenta” aid station is adjacent to the Croquette Lily, and will feature Lily Root Croquettes!!

<Lily Root Croquette>
The lily root, a specialty of Makkarifurawasenta, is carefully grown and tended to for about 5 years. Once harvested it is mashed and sweetened, and stuffed with stewed fish. Each one is a handmade croquette made of 100% lily root!
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*Lily Root Croquettes will be exchanged for product exchange tickets.

< Offered exclusively to participants of the long course (100 km) >
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*Sponsored Michi-no-Eki
Located amidst the sea and mountains, Toyoura Town offers delicious mountain and sea delicacies which change with the season. At the “Michi-no-Eki Toyoura” aid station, we will be providing strawberries as well as scallop miso soup!!
Strawberries have a long history in Toyoura Town, having been cultivated in the area for over 80 years.
The strawberries we will be offering are the original “Kentaro” variety – a Hokkaido variety “Kentaro.” These special strawberries have a strong fragrance and delicious flavor profile with well-balanced sweetness and acidity!! It is such a popular strawberry that it sells out quickly, so please look forward to it!
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<Baby Scallop Miso Soup>
Toyora Town is famous as the birthplace of the cultivation of scallops in nearby Funka Bay. Scallops are cultivated using the mineral components from hot springs scattered around Funka Bay, and are soft and rich in flavor! Enjoy the remaining course with the delicious miso soup soaked with the flavor of scallops!
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