Access to Niseko Area
By car
  • From Sapporo on Route 230 & Route 276 /approx 120 minutes
  • From Otaru on Route 5 or Route 393 /approx 100 minutes
  • From Chitose on Prefectural Highway 16 & Route 276 /approx 120 minutes
  • From Tomakomai on Route 276 /approx 120 minutes
  • From Hakodata on Route 5 /approx 180 minutes
Rental car: there is no drop-off charge from New Chitose Airport to Kutchan-Niseko or vice-versa
By train
  • From Sapporo via Otaru /approx 150 minutes
  • From Otaru /approx 90 minutes
  • From Chitose via Sapporo /approx 180 minutes
  • From Oshamambe /approx 90 minutes
※There is only one train every couple of hours between Otaru and Kutchan
※There are only seven trains a day between Hakodate and Kutchan
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The Attractions of Niseko Town

Niseko Town is an international resort area that attracts tourists from all around the world in winter who are in search of the world's best snow. Popular activities in summer include rafting in clear waters and trekking the Niseko Mountain Range. Not to mention, Niseko Town has plenty of hot springs (onsen) too. It is also an agricultural area, and because of it's high water quality, wine, sake, whiskey, and beer are produced locally, making it a region that is well-known for food.

Niseko's natural resources such as its environment and scenery, are enjoyed by tourists throughout the year. In order to protect and preserve these resources, Niseko Town, with its status as an Environmental Model City, SDGs Future City and goal to reach net zero carbon, also promotes various initiatives in the tourism industry. Niseko Gravel is the perfect activity for Niseko, as it is a way to enjoy its nature with little impact on the environment. We hope you will enjoy Niseko Gravel to the fullest.