NISEKO GRAVEL Ride Rules of Participation
NISEKO GRAVEL involves participants, locals, and towns, providing a great opportunity to explore the attractions of the Niseko area.
All the participants are required to review the following rules and enjoy a wonderful ride.
Event Regulation
  • NISEKO GRAVEL is a fun ride event, and we require all participants to comply with all traffic rules, including traffic lights and stop signs. Excluding the time trial area found within the 100 km course, NISEKO GRAVEL will not be regulating access to, or any flow of traffic on, any parts of the course. NISEKO GRAVEL participants must share roads with the general public. For your safety, and for the safety of those around you, do not ride abreast with other riders, cutoff other riders, or perform other unsafe maneuvers. Your awareness and consideration for other riders and road users is highly appreciated.
  • Participants will receive the course details via “Ride with GPS” a few days before the event. The route may include areas which are generally restricted, or sections within private property. Please note that access to such restricted or private areas is only available for NISEKO GRAVEL participants, and that such access is only permissible during the NISEKO GRAVEL event.
  • Courses will include signs indicating turns and course direction, however it is expected that riders will familiarize themselves with the route in advance, and that participants will be able to check the route on their own own before and during the event.
  • Courses will include sections of, or crossings of, both major national roads and prefectural roads.
  • This is a self-supported ride event, and participants are expected to bring tools and/or other necessary equipment needed for the ride including but not limited to spare tubes, spare tires, repair tools and appropriate clothing. Though food and snacks are provided at aid stations, the quantity is not guaranteed – participants are therefore encouraged to prepare accordingly.
  • The Organizer will provide check-points throughout the route, and will enforce a time cutoff for each check-point. If participants are unable to pass through a given checkpoint the time cutoff, the event staff will direct participants to a shorter alternate route available for the next check-point. The cutoff times and the locations for the check-points will be provided on the event website closer to the event.
  • The Organizer of the event holds the right to ask for the ride data for safety control or other reasons.
  • Videos, pictures and any media coverage during the event belong to Hokkaido Events.
    For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.
  • Littering is highly prohibited. Please dispose of your garbage properly.
Available Bicycles
  • All participants are expected to ride a bicycle which is appropriate for gravel riding. Please refrain from using fixed gear bicycles (fixie bikes), small wheel bicycles, recumbent bicycles, city bicycles or other types of bicycles which are not appropriate for gravel cycling.
  • All riders must wear helmets and gloves during the ride.
  • We will not refund the participation fee for any reason including cancellation or change of the events, or participant’s no show.
    For more details, please review the cancell policy in event information.
  • Hokkaido Events own the rights to change or cancel the event due to bad weather or other reasons.
  • Please bring your health insurance card to the event. Hokkaido Events will have first aid onsite, but, in cases of injury or illness, participants are responsible for any hospitalization or other treatment following any administration of the aid at the event.
  • Routes may change due to the weather, road conditions or other reasons.
  • Please park only in the designated parking area for the event.
    Parkting Details:
Other Information
  • Hokkaido Events will not be responsible for theft of, or damage to, any belongings during the event.
  • Events may be held in inclement weather conditions, including but not limited to rain, wind, fog or cold. Participants are expected to bring their own gear appropriate to the weather (i.e. windbreakers, arm warmers, leg warmers, etc.).
  • If you decide to withdraw from the event or any urgent matter, please call NISEKO GRAVEL office, 0136-55-6081, or speak to our event staff on the course.