The NISEKO GRAVEL press release has been published: Regarding the signing of the title sponsorship agreement with Panaracer.

Panaracer Co., Ltd. has signed a title sponsorship for 2024.
We will continue to liven up Japan’s gravel scene together this year!

General Incorporated Association HOKKAIDO EVENTS (hereinafter referred to as HOKKAIDO EVENTS) and Panaracer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panaracer) have agreed to continue their title sponsorship for the “NISEKO GRAVEL” cycling event organized by HOKKAIDO EVENTS in 2022 and 2023, also for the year 2024.

“NISEKO GRAVEL” was held as a gravel fan ride event in the famous powder snow area of Niseko in Hokkaido. With a course layout connecting various unpaved roads such as forest roads and riverbeds, the event attracted attention from participants. By the time of its September 2023 edition, it had grown into one of Japan’s leading gravel fan ride events with approximately 450 participants.

In the magnificent fields centered around Niseko Town in Hokkaido, participants can enjoy views of the beautiful standalone peak called “Yotei-zan” (also known as “Ezo Fuji”) and the “Shibetsu River,” known as Japan’s clearest stream. Moreover, at the rest stops, participants can enjoy seasonal local specialties recommended by the region, making it a popular cycling event where tourism and gravel riding are combined.

In 2024, besides the booths of bicycle-related companies during the event, popular food trucks in the Niseko area will also liven up the venue. Please pay attention to the “Panaracer NISEKO GRAVEL” event, which continues to grow as an event loved by participants and the local community.

Panaracer is a dedicated manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes, with its headquarters and factory located in Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture, boasting over 70 years of history. Throughout its long history, Panaracer has produced numerous products and supported the achievement of big titles in bicycle competitions. Anticipating the growing popularity of the gravel scene, Panaracer was quick to release the “GRAVELKING” tire for gravel roads in 2014, leading the global gravel tire market and gaining a top-class share in popularity.  In March 2024, marking the 10th anniversary of “GRAVELKING,” Panaracer underwent a complete renewal to adapt to the rapidly changing gravel market.

HOKKAIDO EVENTS was established in 2015 to further enhance the tourism industry in the Niseko area during the green season by organizing the international citizen cycling race “NISEKO CLASSIC,” which is a part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series and serves as a flagship event in the summer for the internationally renowned Niseko area, which has established itself as a snow resort with international branding.  Its main activities include operating events, mainly centered around cycling utilizing the natural resources of the area, fostering a sense of community with small to medium-sized events rooted in the region.  In the fiscal year 2023, a total of four events, including “NISEKO CLASSIC,” “NISEKO HANAZONO HILLCLIMB,” and “NISEKO GRAVEL” (held twice in spring and autumn), were organized, attracting over 3,000 participants and stakeholders to the Niseko area.

HOKKAIDO EVENTS and Panaracer have reached an agreement to continue the title sponsorship for the year 2024, following 2022 and 2023, stemming from their shared establishment of Japan’s unique gravel ride culture and the direction towards eventually presenting it to the world.  The main terms of the sponcership include financial support and prize donations for “NISEKO GRAVEL.” This funding will be used for the operation, promotion, and fan ride events at the festival venue, contributing to the development of Japan’s gravel culture.

Comment from HOKKAIDO EVENTS Representative, Kazuhiko Konno

Our company has been quick to utilize the vast nature of Hokkaido to implement the government policy of promoting sports tourism.  Among these efforts, the tourism content in the Niseko area has been garnering worldwide attention, with investments coming in from both domestic and international sources as we aim to join the ranks of world-class resorts.  With the road bike that has been established and gaining recognition worldwidely, we are adding a category that stands shoulder to shoulder with renowned resorts around the world by incorporating the new content of “gravel.”

Entering our third year, the sponsorship with Panaracer will serve as a boost to establish activities of the green season in the Niseko area.  Moving forward, we will continue to expand our operations in collaboration with the local community, government agencies, and stakeholders to contribute to the vitalization of the Niseko area through sports tourism.

Comment from Panaracer Representative, Ryuichi Yamato

We are pleased to announce that our company will continue to be the title sponsor for “NISEKO GRAVEL 2024,” organized by HOKKAIDO EVENTS. In Japan, the popularity of gravel rides, which involve not just riding on paved roads but also on unpaved roads, gravel paths, and narrow mountain trails, has been rapidly increasing. Particularly, the opportunity to ride through the magnificent nature on a bicycle is one of the highlights of gravel riding. As “NISEKO GRAVEL” enters its third year, we are seeing a growing number of participants each year. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to once again support “NISEKO GRAVEL 2024,” which is becoming a pioneer in domestic gravel rides.
Throughout our history, we have always strived to provide new ways to enjoy cycling and to facilitate new encounters and discoveries. We will continue to offer various proposals to enhance the enjoyment of cycling for all.

■HOKKAIDO EVENTS Organization Overview

Organization Name:HOKKAIDO EVENTS
Base:Niseko Tourism Area (Kutchan Town, Abuta District, Hokkaido; Niseko Town, Rankoshi Town)
Representative Director: Kazuhiko Konno
Business Activities:Event Management, Travel Business, Community-Oriented Activities, Others
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■ Panaracer Company Overview

Company Name:Panaracer Co., Ltd.
Headquarters:Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture
President and CEO:Ryuichi Yamato
Business Activities:Manufacture and Sale of Bicycle Tires and Tubes
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