About the Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) Entry Plan
Riders entering the NISEKO GRAVEL AUTUMN RIDE can pay for their entry using the Furusato Nozei Hometown Tax Entry Plan! This is a great way to enter NISEKO GRAVEL and receive special gifts in return!

“Hometown Tax” donations will be used as funds to promote the following projects:

  1. Projects specifically designated by the town mayor (support for improving the educational environment of Niseko High School)
  2. Maintenance, conservation and development of forest resources
  3. Environmental conservation and landscape maintenance and restoration
  4. Development of natural energy and energy saving equipment
  5. Collection of materials related to Takeo Arishima
  6. Promotion of resident autonomy and community
  7. Education, sports, and child-rearing environment improvement
  8. Resident welfare and living environment improvement
  9. NPO and living environment improvement
  10. Projects related to industrial promotion
  11. Other town development projects
It can also be used to maintain the forest roads and infrastrucutre you ride when here in Niseko!
Donation amountBreakdown of return gifts
XL Long70,000 yenRight to ride + Niseko Town specialties (5,000 yen worth)
Long60,000 yenRight to ride + Niseko Town specialties (5,000 yen worth)
Middle45,000 yenRight to ride + Niseko Town specialties (5,000 yen worth)
Please check before applying.

"NISEKO GRAVEL" is a self-supported event.
Since there will be some gravel and remote road riding, you will need to register your email address, emergency contact information, date of birth, blood type, etc. for event entry.

When applying, please enter your email address where we can contact you in the notes section.
Especially when applying through Rakuten, if there is no email address in the notes section, we will not be able to confirm your contact information.

Regarding event entry, the organizing organization will provide further information after payment is completed. (Scheduled to be announced in late August)
■Click here for information on how to pay hometown tax (Niseko Town site)

Niseko Town is an international resort area that attracts tourists from all around the world in winter who are in search of the world's best snow. Popular activities in summer include rafting in clear waters and trekking the Niseko Mountain Range. Not to mention, Niseko Town has plenty of hot springs (onsen) too. It is also an agricultural area, and because of it's high water quality, wine, sake, whiskey, and beer are produced locally, making it a region that is well-known for food.

Niseko's natural resources such as its environment and scenery, are enjoyed by tourists throughout the year. In order to protect and preserve these resources, Niseko Town, with its status as an Environmental Model City, SDGs Future City and goal to reach net zero carbon, also promotes various initiatives in the tourism industry. Niseko Gravel is the perfect activity for Niseko, as it is a way to enjoy its nature with little impact on the environment. We hope you will enjoy Niseko Gravel to the fullest.