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Panaracer NISEKO GRAVEL SPRING RIDE Entrylist/Course/Information

Entry list

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Course Guide:

On Tuesday May 16th, we will share the Ride with GPS link containing the course for the Niseko Gravel Spring Ride which can be used with the Ride with GPS app.

We will also provide cue sheets, but quantities are limited so please contact us in advance if you need a cue sheet.

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Parking on the Day of the Ride:

The event will be held on May 21st, and parking is available from 7:00 AM onwards, please use either of the 2 designated locations:

Kutchan Town Hall Parking Lot (MAP2(1.3%))
JA Youtei Parking Lot (MAP1(0.6%))
Please refrain from parking at Kutchan Community Center, the event venue.
There are no restroom facilities at the parking lots.

Event Venue and Schedule:

Venue location: Kutchan Community Center (MAP0(0%))

May 21st Event Schedule:
7:00 AM: Registration opens
8:30 AM: Registration closes
8:40 AM: Riders' meeting
9:00 AM: Ride starts
Around 1:30 PM: Raffle drawing

Please arrive at the registration well in advance to ensure you do not miss the time cutoff.

Coffee wagon will be selling coffee at the venue starting from 7:00 AM. Additionally, a food truck will be available at the main venue starting from 10:00 AM. Please energize with a pre-ride coffee, and refuel with freshly prepared local flavors from the food truck.

Riding Guidelines

Please be courteous and follow the below rules and guidelines during the event:

Note that no road closures or traffic regulations are in place, and that the route takes riders on public roads and through residential areas. Please ride in a safe, courteous and careful manner.
(Course marshals will be present at some highway crossings, please follow their instructions.)
Hokkaido is a busy agricultural area, and there may be instances where you ride near working farmland or when you share the road with farming equipment.
・Please refrain from any actions that may disrupt agricultural activities, and please communicate with operators of farming equipment to ensure safe passing is possible.
・ Entering farmlands is strictly prohibited.

About the National Park lands:

We are excited to announce that, with the support of the Shiribeshi Promotion Bureau, the gates of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park will be opened to the public for the first time, allowing participants to ride through the gravel roads at the foot of Mount Yotei.
This area is normally closed to the public, and only participants with visible race numbers are allowed to enter. Entering this area outside of the event is strictly prohibited.
We hope to receive continued access to these and other incredible gravel roads in future events, and we must maintain a good relationship with the authorities in order to do so. We thank you for your cooperation.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to receive a receipt for my entry payment?
A: Yes, PDF entry receipts were sent to the registrant's email at the time of payment.

Q: When will the participant list and course information be announced?
A: The participant list and course information will be announced on the website on May 16th. Please wait for further updates.

Q: Is there a baggage storage service?
A: We will provide baggage storage for items at the Kutchan Community Center. Please note that valuables are not to be stored here.

Q: Is there a bike wash stand available?
A: A bike wash stand will be available at the Kutchan Community Center.

Q: Is there an insurance?
A: The insurance coverage during the event is as follows.
-death and permanent disability: up to 7 million yen
-hospitalization (per day) : 5,000 yen 
-doctor's visit (per day): 3,000 yenWe also recommend that you purchase your own accident insurance.