5 M2 A8801 2021 08 10 T05 23 47 981

Important updates

Thank you all for joining the event so far!

The number of entries has been increasing quite rapidly, and accordingly we have begun to receive various enquiries about the event.

Therefore the organizer have decided to do some important updates on following 3 points;

5 M2 A8801 2021 08 10 T05 23 47 981

(1) Limited permission for Solo ride

As we have mentioned in previous announcements, the purpose of group runs is to "manage safety," so we will basically maintain the format of having the riders ride as a group.

The Long Course and the Extra Long Course participants may have a large difference in riding speed and skill, which may cause danger or hinder event operation, so we decided to allow solo rides.

If you wish to run individually, please inform us of your wish to run individually in the questionnaire for group matching that will be sent to you at a later date, and please follow the safety management methods separately stipulated by the Management Office.

(2) Updated the maximum number of entries

In accordance with change (1), the maximum number of entries for the Long Course and Extra Long Course will be changed to 100 each, and the maximum number of participants for the entire event will be changed to 400.

(3) Rental e-MTB

We have received many inquiries about rental bikes.

We will be offering e-MTB rentals and the details will be announced soon.