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After returning, enjoy a delicious beer!

The Official Collaboration Beer with NISEKO GRAVEL × Panaracer × Chitose Forestry has been born!

A special official collaboration beer has been created with the intention of enjoying it as a toast to celebrate everyone's successful completion together or as a drink to reminisce about memories in Niseko!

Its name is 'I Will Become the Gravel King.'

The ingredients include new shoots of Akaezomatsu collected within the forests of the Niseko Gravel Course, allowing you to experience the natural essence of Niseko along with its fresh aroma!

Please note that it will be distributed upon your return, so best of luck with your successful completion!


[Product Name] I Will Become the Gravel King

[Beer Style] Spruce Lager

[Alcohol Content] 5%

[Product Description]

An official collaboration beer with the gravel ride event "PANARACER NISEKO GRAVEL" held in Hokkaido's Niseko. We have crafted a spruce beer that allows you to fully experience the natural beauty of Niseko.

Spruce beer is a beer infused with the aromatic essence of new shoots from the spruce tree (genus Picea). It's a brewing method that dates back to the 16th century in North America.

With the cooperation of Chitose Forestry Co., Ltd., we have used the fresh new shoots of Akaezomatsu (Red Pine) harvested within the forests along the ride course.

Spruce new shoots are known for their abundant sweetness and aroma to the extent that they are used as a raw material for syrup in Finland.

The fusion of hop and spruce aromas creates a delightful blend of sweet citrus-like notes and fresh green fragrances.

Thanks to the low-temperature fermentation of lager yeast, it offers a dry, clean, and light taste.

This Spruce Lager, embodying the majestic landscapes of Niseko, is like a forest bath in a glass.

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