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Come and join the festival of NISEKO GRAVEL weekend.

NISEKOGRAVEL2022 festival

At the main venue of NISEKO GRAVEL 2022, there will be talk shows by the event's guest riders, other stage events, booths of bicycle manufacturers, outdoor brands, etc., and food and beverage booths featuring local gourmet food and beer to cheer the weekend of NISEKO GRAVEL.

Event Details

September 3, 2022 (Sat)

Time Event
12:00 Venue open!
12:15 Yotei Drum "Koryu" performance
13:30 [Guest] YouTuber Kenta-san ~What is gravel?~
14:30 [Guest] Takeshita Kae ~About the worldwide gravel scene~
15:30 [Guest] Takenouchi Yu & Tazaki Tomoyasu ~Off-road riding skills~
16:00 Raffle prize giveaways! (Anyone can join! Just come to the venue!)
18:30 Piano Sakai Yukiko
19:00 Kaneai yoyoka band
21:00 Venue close

September 4 2022 (Sun)

Time Event
6:00 - 7:30 EXTRA LONG Registration
6:30 - 8:00 LONG Registration
7:00 - 8:30 MIDDLE Registration
7:30 - 9:00 SHORT Registration
8:00 EXTRA LONG start!
8:30 LONG Start!
9:00 MIDDLE Start!
9:30 SHORT Start!
11:20 Rie & Hiro
12:00 Max Kids
13:15 Mt. Youtei Jr. Jazz School
14:30 Piano Sakai Yukiko
15:10 Guitar Iwasa Ayumi
15:50 Kaneai Yoyoka Band
20:00 Venue close

Venue MAP

Venue map 01
Venue MAP

Parking lot

There are parking lot at the venue.

There will also be a temporary parking lot at Moiwa Ski resort(free shuttle bus available)


Bike & Outdoor Brand

Panaracer exhibitor


Panaracer is a specialized bicycle tire and tube manufacturer with its headquarters and factory in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture, celebrating 70 years in business.Panaracer is the world leader in the gravel tire market, and the "Gravel King" series is ideal for Niseko's fields.

If you have any questions about tire choice, please feel free to consult with our experienced staff. We are also preparing special goods at this year's booth. We will keep you updated on the details as they become available!


PAS Normal Studios

Display and for Sale of “Escapism" Collection for Gravel Riding

PAS Normal Studios, a cycling apparel brand from Copenhagen, Denmark, is characterized by its minimalist design with minimal waste and subdued colors that harmonize with the city and nature.

The Escapism collection, launched this season, features kits that blend in with a wide range of situations, from holiday activities to daily use in the city, not to mention gravel riding. Visitors to the booth will be able to hold in their hands a variety of items that transcend the boundaries of riding styles and bring new value to both on- and off-road, on- and off-bike use.

Lavaggio exhibitor


Bicycle wash specialist “Lavaggio” is coming to Niseko! Lavaggio is a bicycle wash store that was established in Osaka in 2020. At the time of its opening, the store attracted a lot of attention for its attempt for its unique service.

Under the slogan of "making you and your bike smile," we offer a car wash experience that will make you smile. If your car has been feeling a little dirty lately, this is a blissful experience for you. Why don't you fall in love with your car all over again?

Bicycle Wash ¥3800 (tax in)
(Bike wash – oiling service – coating service)
Online booking

ROAD 4728 Creo SLSW LC 2880x1620 1


In addition to the Crux and Diverge gravel bikes, Specialized will be displaying and test riding the Creo SL Evo gravel e-bike at the event. Come and experience them for yourself!

C22 Topstone NM 75


Cannondale will have a hospitality booth for owners to enjoy during the event.

After completing the registration, all visitors who visit the booth with their bikes will receive...

(1) Cannondale non-saleable goods as a gift (limited number)

(2) Branded sticker gift

(3) Drink service

(4) Many installation panels will be available.

(5) Maintenance service by professional mechanics (troubleshooting)

(5) Maintenance service by professional mechanics (troubleshooting), etc. Cannondale staff will be present on the day of the event, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the products.

IMG 6500


Outdoor shop iGATE IKEUCHI EXIT is located in major outdoor fields in Hokkaido.
Outdoor store iGATE IKEUCHI EXIT

Offering authentic outdoor brands under the concept of "Outdoor Lifestyle Navigator

The IKEUCHI Group is committed to contributing to the local community in the Niseko area, and holds the "Niseko Yotei Fun Ride" event to mark the beginning of summer in Niseko.

The IKEUCHI Group also sponsors the ANA Niseko Classic and other cycling events, such as Niseko Gravel, to help promote the charms of Niseko.

On the day of the event, "7mesh", "Niseko Classic official goods" and "outdoor goods" will be on sale at special prices.

We will be selling "7mesh", "Niseko Classic official goods", and "outdoor goods" at special prices.

Please visit our booth!
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Manna Bars are handmade with ingredients of Tensai sugar, apple juice concentrate, oatmeal, soybeans, and almonds, and provide 200 calories and 5 grams of protein with a low sweetness level.

With no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors, and four cutouts for cyclist ease of opening from anywhere, Manna Bars are a great choice for your next cycling snack. 

Stop by our booth to taste the four flavors.



The mission of this Swedish brand, founded in 2005, is to "protect athletes from serious accidents by using the latest technology and doing everything in our power to protect athletes.

The Swedish brand was established in 2005 with the mission of "protecting athletes from serious accidents by using the latest technology to the best of our ability".

All products are tested many times by top athletes to enhance their protection performance. In order to achieve the best protection and the best performance, we are constantly striving to improve the performance of our products by acquiring patents for material combinations and structures, etc.

We have also added an Asian fit model to our lineup, making it possible for more people to wear our products.

The Asian fit model will be on display at this year's show.



RIDLEY has been providing bikes that are at the forefront of the times.

RIDLEY's gravel road bikes can be summed up in one word: gravel road bikes.

Each bike has its own personality to suit its purpose, and the lineup is different from a simple grading system.

The aero gravel racer model Kanzo Fast, the all-road model Kanzo Speed, the bike-packing model Kanzo Adventure, the entry-level model Kanzo A, and the all-road model Kanzo F.

The entry-level model Kanzo A.

Please take this opportunity to experience them for yourself.

IMG 20180610 091716

White Isle

White Isle, a bicycle store in Kutchan-cho, is offering BESV ebike test rides.

Please take this opportunity to try out the eGravel "JG1" and the full suspension eMTB "TRS2 AM".

On the 4th, we will also have rentals available to ride on the actual event course.

Rental bike booking

Advance800 bkbl ang jpg


The XDS ebike test ride will be held in conjunction with the organizer's own mechanics tent.

On the 3rd, we will be offering test rides for all visitors, and on the 4th, we will be accepting reservations for rentals of the Panaracer NISEKO GRAVEL 2022 for a short course ride.

Rental bike booking


Noru renshuu / CANYON

"Noru Renshuu" at Niseko Gravel!

The jet-black cycling cult members who showed up for the Spring Ride are coming to Niseko again!

We look forward to seeing you at the "Noru Renshuu / CANYON" booth and meeting cult members from all over the country.

And of course we'll have some new supporters' items for you to get and deepen your faith!

GRX ad 297 230


The Shimano booth will showcase the SHIMANO GRX, a component specifically designed for gravel adventures.

Based on the concept of Explore Beyond, inspiring riders to explore the unknown, the booth will display GRX-equipped bikes from influencers who enjoy gravel riding.

In addition, the GRX limited edition, created for passionate frame builders and dedicated riders, will be introduced along with CORNER BIKES, handmade frames by frame builder Samukawa of Sakai City, Osaka.

Come by the booth, take lots of pictures, have fun with the influencers, and enjoy Niseko Gravel!

D309 gray 0


DAVOS is an original brand of the long-established wholesaler Fukaya Corporation, which has been in business for 111 years.

DAVOS has released many bike bodies and accessories based on the concept of "touring.

DAVOS ambassadors Masahiko Mifune and Tomoki Ochiai will participate in this event to promote the performance of DAVOS products "D-604 Neo Sportif" and "D-309 Neo Landner".

In addition, original design stickers will be distributed at the venue on a first-come, first-served basis from the two ambassadors.

Ask the ambassadors directly about the DAVOS products!

Food & Drink

Morning owl

Morning Owl

Morning Owl is a coffee truck that opened in 2018. We mainly exhibit at events and other events in the central Hokkaido area. We have a wide variety of drinks, come try us out! Menu includes:

  • Coffee (espresso etc)
  • Chai latte, Chocolate, Houji-cha latte
  • Yuzu crush
  • Frappe
  • Baked sweets


Based on the concept of local production for local consumption and no additives, Pikinini is a food truck that offers handmade and original food meat sauce pita bread made with Niseko vegetables, Rusutsu pork, and local flour, as well as raw gateau chocolates made with couverture organic chocolate, original blend organic coffee, and more. Menu includes:

  • Meat sauce Pita-pan
  • Chocolate cake
  • Iced coffee and other drinks
Yy diner

YY Diner

We are a mobile hamburger shop. Please try our hamburgers with buns made from spring water from Mt. Yotei and Hokkaido wheat, fresh local vegetables, patties made without using any chives, and handmade bacon.

  • Bacon cheese burger
  • W Burger
  • Classic Burger etc


"Energize your body and the earth!"

Japanese Kitchen Car from Niseko, Hokkaido! Environmentally friendly containers are used for lunch boxes. DIY start in the nature from 2020. Using local ingredients, we aim to help connect the community, consumers, and the environment. Menu includes:

  • Yuragi Wappa Bento
  • Obanzai bento
  • Yaki saba sushi
  • Koji water soda
Sumibiyaki masaki

Sumibiyaki Masaki

Our restaurant mainly sells authentic charcoal-grilled pork bowls and grilled dishes, mainly in the suburbs of Sapporo. Our Shiretoko Pork Donburi is made with Shiretoko Pork, a brand name pork raised on the land of the World Heritage Site Shiretoko, and has no distinctive smell of pork.

The fatty meat has a sweet taste and the lean meat has a light flavor without the distinctive smell of pork, and it goes perfectly with our original dashi broth sauce. We also offer a reasonably priced pork bowl! We are proud to recommend this dish as well, as we are particular about the sauce.

  • Pork rice bowl
  • Yakitori
  • Beef tongue steak
  • Drinks etc

Image0 1 1


Started the food truck around Yotei area in 2011. We serve handmade food using local products as much as possible!

  • Anhydrous spicy curry
  • Original chicken kebab rice
  • Original chicken kebab sandwich
IMG 3271

Korean Restaurant Moccha

We are a Korean kitchen car restaurant based in Asari, Otaru City.

We have been setting up stalls at events and festivals mainly in the Shiribeshi area.

Our food uses Hokkaido ingredients as much as possible and provide authentic tastes.

  • Toppogi
  • Yangnyeom Chicken
  • Honey combo chicken
  • Kimchi cheese Chijimi
サッポロビール 企業ロゴ

Sapporo Beer

A beer booth that servers Sapporo Classic and other non-alcohol drinks.

  • Sapporo Classic
  • other drinks


Tsuki Terasu" is a kitchen car that runs around Sapporo with homemade soft serve ice cream using milk produced in Hamanaka-cho, Hokkaido.

We welcome you to enjoy our rich yet refreshing soft-serve ice cream and our monthly "Seasonal Parfait" and a variety of other menu items.

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Bakery Tamura

Hi~️I'm Tamura, a bakery in Morimachi, located along Route 5 in Morimachi, South Hokkaido area.

We offer scallop curry bread using scallops from Funka Bay, hamburger steak curry bread made from Morimachi's "Hikoma pork" without any binder, and other delicacies of our own!

We deep-fry our bread after it is ordered, so anytime! Anywhere! Anyone! You can enjoy the one and only crispy and crunchy bread.

We also offer freshly made ikameshi, Morimachi's specialty, for sale!

Enjoy the "deliciousness" of Morimachi!

  • Curry buns (scallop curry bun, hamburger steak curry bun)
  • Salty bread
  • Anpanman
  • Ikameshi, etc.
ニセコ蒸溜所 内観サブ

Niseko Distillery

This whiskey and gin distillery opened in 2021 in Niseko Town, Hokkaido. Blessed with fine water and abundant nature unique to an area with heavy snowfall, the distillery aims to create an elegant, delicate, and well-balanced whiskey.

This year's event will feature cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks made with Ohoro gin, which is made with high-quality underground water from Niseko Annupuri and Hokkaido's yachiyanagi and nihon hacca as botanicals.