YWP 0219

Autumn Ride

SEP 23 (Sat) - 24(Sun)

Entry has been closed.


Middle 50-60km Long 80-90km Ex-long 120km Rental Bike Shop in Niseko Area

Event Dates

September 23 (Sat): Registration(Previous Day), Event at the Venue
September 24 (Sun): Registration / Niseko Gravel Ride / Event at the Venue

Check Festival schedule

September 23 (Sat) September 24 (Sun)
5:00 Onsite registration begins( XL ~)
8:00 MIDDLE COURSE starts
11:00 Main Venue OPEN
12:00 Main Venue OPEN / Registration begins
14:30 Nakoma Parking lot Aid Station:Cut off time(EX、L、M)
15:10 Tomioka Kokusetshu-Kanri Center Aid Station:Cut off time(EX、L、M)
16:00 Last riders finish
17:00 Main Venue CLOSE
18:00 Main Venue CLOSE / Registration Close

Cancellation Policy

Please note that the entry fee, once paid, is non-refundable under any circumstances.

However, in the event that the venue is placed under a state of emergency or similar circumstances are anticipated on the day of the event, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event. In such a case, the following measures will be taken:

If the cancellation is decided before August 18th: Full refund.

If the cancellation is decided before August 19th: 50% refund.

If the cancellation is decided on or after September 9th: No refund.



Participants who can provide their own bicycles at the venue (either by bringing their own or arranging for rental) are welcome.

This is open to both males and females who are 16 years old or above, including high school students (high school students must be accompanied by a guardian).

Course Categories / Entry fee

*Distances and other details are approximate and may vary slightly
*Entry fee + system fee will be added to the payment.
*There is no group discount this year.

Capacity : 200 persons in each category

Middle course IKEUCHI GROUP Long course PAS Ex long course
Entry fee ¥6,500 + ¥11,000 + ¥16,000 +
Early bird(10%OFF) ¥5,850 + ¥9,900 + ¥14,400 +
Registration on 23 SEP 12:00-6:00PM 12:00-6:00PM 12:00-6:00PM
Registration on 24 SEP 5:00AM-7:30AM 5:00AM-6:45AM 5:00AM-6:00AM
Ride Start 8:00AM 7:15AM 6:30AM
Middle course IKEUCHI GROUP Long course PAS Ex long course
Distance 60.9km 89.9km 122.5km
Gravel (%) 42% 51% 58%
Elevation Gain 1,083m 1,557m 2,366m
Ride time 3.5~5 hours 5.5~7 hours 6~9 hours
Seseragi Park Aid Station 18.1km 18.1km 18.1km
Road Station Rankoshi / Furusato no Oka Aid Station - 29.5km 56.3km
Nakoma Parking Lot Aid Station 【Cut off point】 33.9km 【Cut off 14:30】 53.5km / 【Cut off14:30】 86.0km / 【Cut off14:30】
Tomioka Kokusetsu Kanri Center Aid Station【Cut off point】 43.3km 【Cut off 15:10】 72.3km 【Cut off 15:10】 104.9km 【Cut off 15:10】
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort / Last time of finish 4:00PM 4:00PM 4:00PM

Cut off Time

From a safety management perspective, time restrictions (Cut off time) will be made at two locations: "Nakoma Parking Lot Aid" and "Tomioka Kokusetsu Center Aid Station". Participants who exceed the designated time during the aid checkpoint will be required to return to the venue via the on-road route and will not be able to pass through the gravel road (they will have to return to the venue by theirselves).

Main Venue


Parking lot #2


1. This event is not a race but a ride-style event. There will be no timekeeping or issuance of results.

2. The course utilizes public roads, including both paved and unpaved sections. Participants are kindly requested to prioritize safe riding in accordance with traffic rules.

3. The pre-disclosure of course map information will be partial, and the complete map will not be made public. Maps will be provided during on-site registration, and supplementary data will be available through "Ride with GPS." Please note that there will be no signage along the route except for certain sections.

4. After completing the ride, we may request the cooperation of participants in providing their ride data for the purpose of safety management and risk mitigation.

5. Checkpoints and aid stations will be set up at designated locations along the course to manage groups and monitor the number of riders. Participants must make sure to stop at these points.

6. Littering is strictly prohibited. In order to preserve the environment, please take your own trash with you and dispose of it properly.

7. In case of emergencies or if you need to retire from the event, please contact the NISEKO GRAVEL event headquarters at 0136-55-6081 using your mobile phone.

8. If you are in an area with no signal or encounter any issues with your phone, please wait at a safe location. Our event staff in circulating vehicles will pick you up.

9. While this event has recreational insurance coverage, we recommend that participants also consider obtaining personal injury insurance or similar coverage for themselves.